We are thrilled to launch the first See Without Eyes remix contest for “How Could This Be Wrong” on Splice!

Prizes include:

  • Video Call / Meet & Greet with the band
  • Dell Precision 5520 Laptop
  • ‘The Sanction’ Backpack from Mission Workshop
  • The Glitch Mob Vinyl Collection & Merch Bundle

We will judge the entries based on creativity, vibe, and production. We love collaborating with you and hearing our music in a new light. It doesn’t matter to us what genre it is. Could be downtempo, ambient, singer-songwriter, classical, dubstep, drum & bass, etc. Get weird. Explore new realms of your creativity. Find some unexpected beauty. Most importantly, have fun. Use as much or as little of the stems as you’re feeling. It’s fine to use the whole acapella, or maybe only one snippet of it. We can’t wait to hear what you create!